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Introduce your art to a new audience.

Arthur is a platform for collectors to discover and collect art. Our unique AI-powered recommendation system helps get your art in front of collectors who like similar artists.

Visual Recommendations

Our computer vision algorithm recommends art based on colors, styles, and themes. Arthur helps others discover your art visually.

Build an Audience

Your followers will get updates when new shows, sales, and press are added to Arthur. Create custom Collections of your work and share with the community.

Artist Profiles

Work with our data team to add artworks, biographical information, press, and exhibitions to your profile. 

Online Sales

Collaborate with our global network of independent curators to showcase your work in virtual exhibitions and sell online.

Take a bigger slice of the pie.

Arthur is committed to more equitable remuneration, giving artists a larger share of their sales while rewarding curators for showcasing their work.

Arthur app sales commissions for curators and artists

Connect with curators

Arthur's international team of curators put art in context with Collections: a selection of work accompanied by curatorial text. Collections are a great way to digitally exhibit and sell your work.

No cost to create or update your artist profile

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