Share your curatorial vision

Put art in context. Guided by text accompanying each work, Curated Collections are an opportunity to discover, delight, and educate.

Combined with in-app sales capabilities, Curated Collections are your platform to promote the artists you care about and reach a new audience of collectors.

Your vision, our platform

We know the challenges you face when trying to bring a curatorial concept to life. That’s why we’ve built a comprehensive platform that takes care of everything from sales contracts to shipping – so you can focus on your vision.

Diverse voices

Anyone can curate a collection on Arthur. Working with artists you feel are under- represented in other forums? Create a collection and introduce them to the Arthur community.

Real people

Arthur handles verifications for curators, artists, and buyers. Collectors can view your profile, and follow you for updates. Build an audience for your Collections, and transact with confidence.

Equitable terms

Simple online contracts for curators, artists, and buyers make it easy to get started with minimal paperwork. Once a sale closes, payments are made efficiently and electronically. 

Integrated Shipping

Our global network of shipping partners gives buyers a range of delivery options. Integrated insurance, delivery updates, and optional packing services provide a frictionless experience for buyer and seller.

Take a bigger slice of the pie.

Arthur is committed to more equitable remuneration, giving artists a larger share of their sales while rewarding curators for showcasing their work.

Arthur app sales commissions for curators and artists

Bring your projects to life

Explore any theme without the operational challenges of a physical exhibition. 

Painless Onboarding

Want to showcase an artist not currently on the Arthur platform? Our data team can help upload artworks and biographical information.

Simplified Payments

Buyers can pay easily online. Subsequent payments to curators, artists, and fulfillment partners are managed by Arthur.

Global Reach

Connect with our community of curators and collectors in 40+ countries. 

Get started today.

We're always expanding our network of curators. If you have a project you'd like to share, please contact us and we'll be in touch!

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